After watching and learning how to cook as a child Chef Gordon's passion for cooking lead him to be the founder, Executive Chef and owner of his own catering company.


Collaboratively circa de 1995, Chef Gordon started his formal education at Johnson & Wales' culinary AND reopened the business into the company known today as Spices Catering.


In 2007, after years of inciteful encouragement from catering customers' Chef Gordon put his Saucier skills to fruition and conjured life into the delectable Tropic Gourmet Original BBQ sauce via the newest branch of the business -Tropic Gourmet. It was the 1st of the 3 sauces: #2 Jerk BBQ #3 Ginger Teriyaki, currently on the market with plans for more in the future.


-Food is a journey- 


Meet Tropic Gourmet

-Rolin Gordon